Saturday, May 07, 2005


This is the first post in the weblog of a bunny rabbit named Remi. Remi is about 8 month old, and unfortunately the only breed information known is that he is a dwarf. Remi's human-mommy intends to write in this weblog about Remi's daily happenings.

Most of Remi's life is spent hopping around his pen in mommy's bedroom, chewing on random boxes, and anything else that gets in his path, usually to the dismay of mommy. Remi comes to life at night, running in circles, scrunching cloth under his tummy, and purring.

Mommy is currently looking for a way to train Remi in how to "Not Use Places In Your Nest That Aren't Your Litterbox." For some reason he is dead set on using every corner of his nest, instead of the designated litterbox corner. It would be nice if the lesson of "Using Only the LitterBox, and Not the Floor" was learned sometime in the future, also.


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